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Rosemary Beach Rosemary Beach, a Florida resident, has returned to her "first love" after many years of working and raising children. In order to hone her skills and refresh her memory, she has taken as many art classes and workshops as possible. Most of her paintings have been done in oils, watercolor and pastels; however, she has also done some acrylics and pencil drawings.

A long-standing love of horses makes them one of her favorite subjects, and she also loves to paint other animals. In the past, Rosemary has painted scenes on ceramic plates, including stylized clown and mime figures and animal portraits. Having grown up in Colorado, she enjoys painting the mountain landscapes that westerners love; and her more recent paintings also include human figures. Twenty-five years in Florida gave her a love of the ocean, so beach scenes are a favorite as well.

"For many years I denied myself the pleasure of painting because of so many 'pressing obligations', but now I've been given an opportunity to paint again, and I feel like I have rediscovered myself and found at least part of the purpose for which I was created! I get a lot of joy out of creating a beautiful painting that reminds someone of God's awesome creation or makes them smile. It's exciting when a brush stroke 'works' to create the desired effect. God is the Ultimate Artist, and I hope to honor Him by my paintings."


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